Commit 1ba5b20a authored by DaVieS's avatar DaVieS


parent 62fef242
Copyright (c) 2019, Kinga Framework / Applications / ASPF-MILTER
All rights reserved for
Redistribution or sell this software not allowed.
This software is part of the copright holder's main product line.
This software's binary form not allowed to disassemble, reuse,
link another applications or modified.
If the copyright holder shipped/included the source code or its available
in public form, the source code can be modified to fit installation
requirements when the following conditions are met:
- Any modification of this software MUST subject to compatibility.
- License and Copyright texts or files cannot be removed.
- The software functionality cannot be extended or reduced.
Please note that modified version of this software not guaranteed to work
therefore maybe break the warranty terms if it has.
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